A Real Estate Superstar In The Making With Angela Dowd

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You don’t just sell houses when you’re a real estate agent. You also sell yourself to stand out among thousands of others. In this episode, learn how Real Estate Superstar Angela Dowd grew her business four times over in just one month with no additional expense. Angela is a Realtor for Keller Williams and currently a contender for Beyond the Closing hosted by yours truly, Jason Williford. With an upcoming book with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, Angela is here to enlighten you with useful real estate tips and strategies to grow your business. Don’t miss out on their chat and get practical advice you can apply today.

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A Real Estate Superstar In The Making With Angela Dowd

How Angela Dowd Grew Over 400% in 1 Month While Having Zero Additional Expenses

I have another wonderful guest and friend of mine, Ms. Angela Dowd. She is out of the New Hampshire market, a top producer out for markets, and was the number one agent out of her location with Keller Williams. She’s on the TV show, Behind the Closing and is going to be co-authoring a book with Kevin Harrington from the original Shark Tank. She has a lot of amazing things going on. Without further ado, welcome, Ms. Angela Dowd. How are you doing?

I’m great. Thank you for having me, Jason.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, your family, kids, how many you have, and anything else that you would like to tell us about you?

I’m married. I have two beautiful kids, Alana and Connor. They are my whole world, so they take up a good portion of my day. When I’m not working in real estate, I’m with my family.

Speaking of drive and work ethic, you are one of the hardest working people that I have ever seen in my life that I know of to a point where I’m like, “Angela, to the point of your business, we need to get your life back.” How many hours approximately per week do you work?

It’s over 100 range, depends on every single week but I usually work until 2:00 AM. There were times, I was up at 5:30 AM. I’m a little bit more grind because we are in a competition that’s all out. You can do anything for 90 days, that’s my attitude. I probably would be going off for more than 3 hours or 3.5 hours of sleep. It’s go-time. It’s a competition and may the best man or woman win. I will sleep a little more after the competition.

You are also such an executioner. What I mean by that is it’s easy to go out there and learn things. People can get stuck learning and think they are going somewhere. If you are learning and not executing on what you learn, that’s how you can stay stuck. You are wasting time if you are learning and not implementing anything. You are one of the first-ever to read, The Ultimate Real Estate Machine, if not, maybe the first final edited version before one copy was even printed because I gave the book to all contestants. It was the very first thing that I did. Tell us what you did as soon as you were given that PDF copy.

As soon as I’ve got the PDF copy, I took my way down to FedEx Kinko’s and got that binded. I’ve got my highlighter out, read and go. I’m still rereading it. I have the beautiful hardcover edition, which is my new real estate Bible that I live and breathe by. It’s funny, I have done a few posts online and I’m seeing other local realtors reading it. I’ve got the headstart, so I was the lucky one.

There are so many golden nuggets in there. There were things I read the first time that I missed on a computer. Your book gives ideas, and then you go off from there, too. I’m getting as much out of reading it the 2nd time as I did the 1st time, which is exciting. I’m already growing and getting new ideas every day.

I can say that it isn’t but it honestly is. We are digging in and plugging The Ultimate Real Estate Machine. This show is about going deep into it. You can only write so much in a book. This show is about building the machine that works harder for you versus you, working harder for it. When you read it the second time, you see it from a different perspective than you have seen it the first time.

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Jay Abraham and I wrote the book with that in mind that we didn’t just want it to be a book that people read one time, put it down, and never read it again. We truly wrote the book for the book to be a book that after you read it the first time, you are like, “I want to read that again,” even if it’s 1, 2, 3 months later.

Also for it to be a reference book that when you put it on the shelf, you have a business problem or something that you are looking to improve upon that you are like, “That’s in Chapter 8, Marketing Mistakes, that can cost you huge profits.” That way, you can go back to that as a reference book as well. What are some takeaways, a couple of golden nuggets or your favorite parts of the book?

My favorite part is what I live and breathe by. It’s the strategy of preeminence. Every move and decision I make, I think, “Is this going to get me towards being the preeminent agent or not?” That’s how I base my business decisions. Everything I do, for instance, all my strategic alliances, that’s where I’ve gotten probably the most growth in my business. I focused on them.

I did a video with Oprah Pizza, MD Aesthetics, and with an organizer. I worked with all these different businesses and they refer your family and friends. Even when you are shooting the videos, people come up to you and be like, “Who are you?” They want a business card and call you. Before you know it, you are working with them. It’s putting yourself out there.

The whole phrase, “Give and you shall receive,” people don’t understand that. It’s so true in life and business. If you want to get anywhere, you’ve got to give and you will get back tenfold. That’s the biggest nugget I’ve gotten out of there that’s helped my business the most. There are so many different things but that’s probably my favorite one.

It’s become internalized and it’s a mental model of the way that you think about not only your business but about yourself as well. That’s based upon other people like Tiffany. One of the things that stood out to her is it’s given her more certainty and confidence about herself and her business. The consumer can see that. I don’t think a lot of people know what the definition of sales is. The definition of sales is the transference of one person’s belief to another. You have a lot of passion and people are magnetically attracted to do business with you because the passion bleeds over you. You can’t unsee it once you see it.

I have been doing a lot of the stuff that you have been telling me. I have been blasting out on social media and I’m noticing more, even when I’m out. I was at the gym and got not 1 but 2 weeks of people coming up and being like, “I want to do business with you. I’m going to be selling my home.” Not to say I didn’t get that before but when I ever get 2 leads out of 1 gym visit, never. One in a month would be exciting. When you start displaying that preeminence in your area and market, it magnifies times ten and it’s insane. I can’t even go to the gym.

Other than the strategy of preeminence, what was another takeaway that we could go deeper into about your machine? Maybe in another Chapter 1 of the 12 sticking points that can keep a real estate agent’s business stuck, something on marketing, 1 of the multiple 29 marketing mistakes that real estate agents make or the four steps of greatness. Was there something else in the book that sticks out to you?

The referral strategies are the most important. Before, I was never able to ask people for referrals. I was always too shy and afraid to put myself out there. There were different things I have done that I’m big on being in front of your clients. Before, I never even had a database or do very simple things that you should be doing like a database, adding those days, and then utilizing that database going through. For instance, for Christmas, I did the crumble cookies delivery. I deliver cookies to all my clients. I had all their addresses and printed them out.

This show is like real life with 10 real agents from 10 real markets for 1 grand prize doing real people things with real children that you also have to manage. Going back to the referral strategies and one thing that 1 of those 217 we have already talked about, the strategy of preeminence is the foundation of building a predictable referral system that works hard for you.

UREM 7 | Real Estate Superstar

Real Estate Superstar: People refer you to their family and friends because they know and trust you. That’s how you build your business. Long term, if you want growth, it’s all about treating people right.


It’s an actual system in place. You have to have that. Another one is having strategic business alliances. You have quickly because you go out and execute. I have done a wonderful job with that. How has that changed the way that you do your business? Have you had a bunch of money into marketing to do it?

No, I haven’t. I do have a social media manager. She did some of our videos, promotions and giveaways. The other thing that worked out great was the giveaways. What happens is for people to enter, you’ve got to have, “Tag three people. Like and follow me.” My social media followers have doubled and I randomly get messages from people like, “I want to work with you as long as you are the agent I get to work with. I had one who would love to work with you. I see you crushing it on social media.” It’s nice when that all comes back to you. It goes back to, “Give and you shall receive.” I didn’t put myself out there as much before as I should have. The show has forced me to do that and that’s helped me grow my business.

Even more fun for me as we continue to work together, even past the show. I love working with you because you go out, take action and do it. One of those things that are important to me is being your preeminent masterful thinking partner. I even told you and promised your husband, “I’m going to get your wife back.” You are at that part of your business where it’s not sustainable to work 100 hours per week because we know how fast time flies by, the kids get older, more years married and the divorce rate for a real estate agent, male and female, are both in the top five. That’s not good.

We are going to be proactive about that, work on that, and get your life back but also scale your business up. What I was getting at is you had one client that said, “As long as I get to work with you.” There are things that we are going to be working on in the future that remove you from having to be that one that they have to work with exactly to where we duplicate Angela through predictable marketing and duplicable selling strategies that still make the right fit for your team, the preeminent agents in your market with your brand.

Great people are working with you. You can get your dinners and sporting events back with them. You still spend a lot of time with your family. I honestly don’t know how you do what you do. You are like Superwoman. You are such an inspiration. It’s going to come out on the show of how impactful and inspirational you are at what you do. As you know, I’m not just saying that to touch your ego. It’s real. Being a contestant on Beyond The Closing, what has been some breakthroughs that you have had during the 90-day challenge?

There were some breakthroughs. Believing in myself is one of the keys. I will be honest, I’m not the most confident person. Get in front of the camera with you and Kevin Harrington, I don’t know a few years ago if I would have done that. Pushing the boundaries, me calling past clients, following up, and trying to see if there’s anything I can do, that’s way out of my comfort zone. To me, that would be going out and begging for business.

My clients are all amazing. They were so happy to hear from me in the follow-up. It was the reverse. I thought I knew it all like, “I’m above that. I don’t need to call past clients. I’ve got this. How stupid?” I closed $2 million in business that I would never have closed on if it wasn’t for the show, following up with past clients that I have worked with previously looking at stocks and cold calls. A beautiful lakefront property came on.

It had its private beach and an in-ground pool right on the water. That never would have happened. The old me would have put it aside like, “They don’t want to look anymore. I’m not going to follow up or call them.” The biggest thing is people have to step outside of their comfort zone. If you want to grow and take it to the next level, you’ve got to be uncomfortable. I’m so glad I did it. It was worth it.

With all the tank contestants, we are only going to have one winner, whether someone wins or does not win, here’s the deal. Every single 1 of the 10 had breakthroughs that will last the rest of your life. If we look and think about it, it’s pretty crazy, the guts that all of you have to be like, “I’m going to be a contestant on a reality TV show, put myself out there and compete. I’m going to be videoed.” We recorded in the Billy May studio where the legendary Billy May shot his infomercials, which is crazy. There’s not just a phone camera in front of you. There are all kinds of lights and cameras.

You’ve also got Kevin Harrington right in front of you. That’s over $6.4 billion worth of revenue throughout his lifetime. He’s also the inventor of the infomercial. Dating back to my childhood, which I’m old, I remember the Ginsu knives. That was him. They scaled that business model across the world. My point is even the one that is in last place may have the biggest long-term growth outside of the 90 days. In my mind, they did not lose, nobody lose. Nobody is going to be the loser because they broke out of their comfort zone.

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I want to be number one. I’m not even going to sit here and lie to you.

I know you do because you are a champion. I want to dissect that a little bit because one of your hobbies is working out. How often do you workout? How disciplined are you in your workout schedule?

I train with someone two days a week. They will be like, “You need to take a day off.” I will work out seven days. The only time I take to myself is that actual workout time. If I don’t have that outlet, I go crazy. 6, 7 days a week, it depends on the week to make it happen. That’s why I asked for the call to be at this time because I’ve got a gym appointment after this. If I don’t get my workout, then I’m going to be a madwoman. I need one hour a day to myself.

I’m the same way. What is it for you?

I do the classes and you know me, I love a challenge. When Austin made his little post about, he’s already got this in the bag, I say, “Let’s go.” I won’t sleep. I will work you into the ground. It’s on. It’s the same thing at the gym. I love doing the classes. We will be on the spin bikes and I will outright every other one in that class. I’m going to do twice the amount of burpees and lift heavier weights. The guys next to me get all embarrassed. They will be using a 50-pound weight and I will go over and grab the 70 to embarrass them. That’s me. I love to be number one. It annoys my husband. If I lose a card game, it’s like, “Not me.”

I love your drive but it also comes from a place of your competition, especially within real estate. That’s even one of the disqualifiers of the show. What will get someone eliminated from the show? They could sell $200 million in real estate in 90 days but if they are not being preeminent in what they are doing, they are not doing their best for their clients and compromising client’s best interests to win the competition, to me and my greatest mentor, Jay Abraham, that is not winning. That’s losing.

You are ruining your name. Who wants to ruin their name? You are compromising or doing something that’s not in their best interest. Every single client is family to me. I’m treating you as if I’m buying this home for myself and what I would do. I’m not going to advise you any differently. If you don’t have that, you are never going to sell. People can see right through you. You know the trust rating of real estate agents. It is only 11%, which is the lowest of any industry.

Those are car salespeople. Some great people sell cars too, the preeminent car salesperson. With the real estate agent, that’s horrible. That’s the reason why we wrote the book. That’s why I even give away Chapter 4 free, The Preeminent Agent. That’s how I feel Steve Jobs’ style. How I can make my little ding in the real estate industry is to bring preeminence back to real estate, not to sound like a presidential slogan or political.

It’s so true because then people refer you to their family and friends because they know and trust you. That’s how you build your business. In the long-term, if you want growth, it’s all about treating people right. That’s the best business. Why spend thousands of dollars on Zillow or Realtor on these leads that aren’t even serious? If you take care of people and do the right thing, it all comes back tenfold for sure.

This is fun. I’m having a blast. Going back to referral mastery, what you said was a thought that I had in the car and that was to stop buying leads. That is a piece of a lead agent referral mastery. I had that epiphany to stop buying leads like, “Let me go out and buy Facebook leads, Google pay-per-click leads, YouTube leads, Zillow, Realtor.com,” whatever it may be.

UREM 7 | Real Estate Superstar

Real Estate Superstar: The number one thing is knowledge and experience to become a real estate agent.


I’m not saying not to do any of that but if you do not have a predictable referral generating system in place, that would be what I would go back and tell my earlier self in real estate as we started building a team and paying for leads and marketing. “You need to have that system in place before you do anything that generates free, almost all the time, 40 referrals or low cost.” What are your thoughts on that?

I’m at a point where I don’t even need to do it. That sounds bad but it’s true. To be honest, I’m so funneling them down. I have a couple of other people under me and they pay me a referral fee. Once they are able to convert, I get a referral fee out of it. I take the good ones, so the threshold is in. Anything over $800,000, I can take, and then delegate the rest down because from all the books and everything I have learned, I don’t need them anymore.

I could give them up if I wanted to. I’m at that point in my career where I no longer need it. I do think they are good for new agents. People that don’t have an established business don’t have any referral strategies in place. It’s a way to get started in the business. I was doing $10,000 a month easily in marketing and different things.

It’s $120,000 a year. Let’s unpack that. If you wanted to turn it off, you could.

I don’t think all of that to be upfront, so I have partners that pay part of it but that’s not on me.

That’s bottom line profit though because I’m sure they would also partner with you on a client appreciation of this and other things within 1 of the other 217 predictable referral strategies that you could magnify other than just internet leads. One thing I did want to unpack real quick is you getting your life back.

That’s one of my goals for someone. When you started, your business was already going well but now you are at that combustion point where you can only do so much. What are some of the things that we are going to start doing to work on you getting your business and your life back also but still keep scaling up your business?

I have someone that can do some of my buyer agency showings and helped me with open houses. The biggest thing is having my assistant. She’s organizing and doing everything for my premiere watch party. Having someone that I can delegate down to and do ministerial tasks has been huge. That time spent previously on those tasks, I can now spend with my family. Although it’s still not where I want it to be The contest is ending soon. They see the finish line. They know but I’m not where I want to be with time management with my family. That’s the one thing I gave up for the show but that’s short-term and they understand that.

That’s awesome that your family is understanding. We are getting down to the end of the competition so you can get your family back more but also keep scaling up your business and get your freedom back. It’s hard to give away sometimes but delegation is one, if not the greatest form of time management as what you will find out with hiring, not anyone but hiring the right people on your team that they will start taking away tasks off of your plate and they become better at it than you are anyway.

My social media girl crushes it. It would take me five times the amount of time to do what she does. She does these cool stories and reels. That would take me forever. Once you hire people, you realize, “They are better than me.” I go back and scroll down my social media when I was doing it. I was like, “I thought I was doing a good job. This was horrible. I didn’t even market myself right.” Thinking you don’t know it all and being able to delegate and trust people was a big thing. I remember when we started, I’m a control freak and OCD. I like to have my hands in it all the time. Giving that away is eye-opening. I was like, “I’m an idiot. Why didn’t I do and listen to this sooner?”

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One of the things, when you and I started working together, was that early on, you had that conundrum like, “I’m not sure if I want to stay an independent agent or start a team.” You had asked different people and you are getting different feedback. You had a breakthrough and part of that was you are maybe stuck into what the industry teaches of what a team is. “I have to have a bunch of buyer agents and all this stuff.” What you and I have been working on as a team is how you want to construct it.

I don’t have a traditional team. It was the best decision I ever made because I thought, “When you have a team, I’ve got to be the head person and all the people under me.” I don’t want to give up but probably my favorite part of the job, and this is why I love doing what I do is I love working with clients. I genuinely love my job. I couldn’t work 100 hours a week if I didn’t love what I do. Do I like going to inspections? No, they are boring but it’s part of the business.

In general, I love my clients and what I do. I wasn’t willing to give that up. Many people are like, “Why don’t you open your brokerage, do this or that?” Honestly, that’s not where I want to be. I’m making great money and doing what I love. I made so many friends. I can’t tell you how many clients of mine have become close friends of mine. I’m happy where I’m at and this is what I want to do.

I want to break the barriers and not do a traditional team. When I followed your advice and did everything you did, it has helped exponentially. I wouldn’t be able to do this episode with you because I have a new listing coming on but it’s okay. I’ve got my TC iterated to MLS, which I will double-check and I have my new assistant. She’s doing the write-up for the listing. It’s delegating everything out.

What do you think the next hire is going to be? What kind of position? Is it another admin assistant or a courier? Do you think it would be a buyer agent or an inside sales agent?

I told my husband I wanted to hire a laundry person. Honestly, the next thing I need is a nanny as my husband and I are joking but I want to be an involved parent, the one they have their memories with. The next person would be one more team member and another buyer agent. The showings are what eat up a lot of your time. People don’t realize why there is a lot of work in this market. I make three times the money if I go with a listing versus a buyer based on the ROI and the hours that it takes to get an offer accepted for a buyer. It’s not easy. My next bias, especially in this next hire and market would be another buyer agent.

Let’s unpack that quick because you are amazing for that right person to be up underneath your wing and learn from, with all the experience that you have. Not only are you impacting their business but you are also impacting their entire life. If we look at that, imagine all the lives of the other people around them that you also impact by changing their life. How do you think you can help that right person for you that you would bring on as buyer agents or in the future inside sales agents, listing agents, whoever it may be?

The number one thing is knowledge and experience. It’s harder to become a yoga instructor than it is to become a real estate agent. Let’s be real. Anyone can be a real estate agent. Go do a 40-hour class, pass the test, and there you go. People have no idea what they are doing. I get some contracts in and I’m like, “This person is new.” You don’t know what they are doing. You are messing with someone buying the biggest investment of their life.

That’s a big thing. What separates me from a lot of other agents in my market is people know and trust me. That’s key. That knowledge and experience, you just don’t get it. In school, they don’t teach you the real lifestyle. You learn all the main terminologies but in real life, when you go out and be a realtor, that class is different.

The biggest thing in real estate is you are not just selling houses. You are selling yourself. There are 1,000 other realtors out there. Why are they going to use you? It’s that whole marketing piece and helping them grow. To be honest, I’ve got more leads than I can handle sometimes. I refer them out. Where else are you going to go? Start and be handed leads. When I started, no one was handing me any leads. I wish I was but that’s not how it worked for me but I know how to scale and grow it.

I have already interviewed several of the top team leaders in all of North America like the US and Canada. I believe all of them answer the question, “Why did you decide to start your team?” A fascinating answer is what I’ve got. I question like Socrates. I like to walk the Earth asking questions and seeing what the common answer is.

UREM 7 | Real Estate Superstar

Real Estate Superstar: The agent has to create that environment for you to get offers and to go back and forth and negotiate to get the best one.


The common answer for all of them was, “It got to a point of my business that I had so much business that I couldn’t handle all of it myself.” What you said is that same answer, which is awesome. It may not be what success looks like to you but if you wanted to be one of the top North America team leaders, you could get there and get there very fast.

You never know what the future is going to hold. I’m going to be setting new goals for myself but my number one goal is focusing on the show and winning. I’m not going to start a new chapter until the show is over for sure.

What does that person look like? You don’t want to hire anyone on your team that’s going to be that buyer agent hire because you have your core values of what works for you. I’m not a perfect fit for everybody. I would probably drive some people crazy. I’m being honest and straight. I’m a peak performance mentor. I’m not a “give me 30%” mentor. If someone is looking to put 20% or 30% into it, I’m probably not going to be a good mentor for them. I will piss them off, honestly. They have more in them. My job being a preeminent mentor is to help them get where they want to go as fast as possible with a Ferrari versus having a Volkswagen to get there.

I remember when we first started, I was so overwhelmed. I was like, “How am I going to get all these goals and everything done?” You push the limit to where I was like, “I don’t think I can do all this,” but you can. It’s just having the right tools. Going through the book and reading it was the biggest thing. Everybody thinks it’s easy. This isn’t easy.

What we are doing when I grew 400% wasn’t easy. I wasn’t sleeping. I was exhausted. I made more money in that month than I did before but at some point, people have to realize either you want it or you don’t and if you want it, go get it. There are so many tools with that book and you can become a millionaire if you do the strategies in it.

Talk to some people about getting their license. If they aren’t going to be preeminent and if they are going to be another traditional agent that tarnishes the industry and adds to that only 11% of consumers trussing real estate agents, I hope the book talks to them out of getting their license.

There are too many people out there that aren’t serious and don’t care. I see it all the time in deals. I feel bad for their buyers or sellers.

I want to congratulate you because you are about to start working on a part of a book that you are going to be writing that Kevin Harrington is going to be featured in as well from the Shark Tank. The book is going to be about being the preeminent agent going above and beyond for home sellers and home buyers. You probably haven’t dug into writing it yet like what it’s going to be about your part of the book. Have you put any thought into what your chapter is going to be about how you preeminently help clients in your market?

I want to get into helping the sellers and their home sales, and how I would add value. There are so many realtors out there but they don’t market the house properly and don’t know how to negotiate. I will give you a couple of examples. I can’t tell you how many houses I see online that aren’t stage. Every single one of my houses gets staged. Staging can increase your profit from 1% to 5%. That one small piece pays a realtor.

That’s one of many things that I do but it’s unfortunate. Marketing is the key and that’s one thing. How do I put your house in the best light? How do I add value to you for your house? It’s not just doing the staging. I do virtual tours of the house where you can virtually go through the house. I do Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and different things. There’s more foot traffic to come.

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The biggest thing is negotiations, how do we position it? People don’t realize that the biggest thing the agent can do is how we get the most for your house, create that buzz and get people going. I do late showings to make everyone see each other. I do Saturday and Sunday, two-hour limit each day. “Did you see that there were 500 people at the open house? We’ve got 22 offers.”

I was exhausted, let me tell you but we went way above. The people waived everything. There’s psychology. That agent has to create that environment for you to get offers like that, to go back and forth, and negotiate to get the best offer. Is your agent trying to get them to waive appraisal or make up a difference? There are so many things that the agent could do. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you know what you should know.

It’s just if they do and it’s very rare. It’s easy for all of us to think that just because we know it, everybody knows it. That’s not the truth. It’s an easy human psychology for us to think that. You hit the head on the nail that what you were alluding to is that in this super-duper hot market, it is not going to be like this forever. It’s easy for real estate agents to get drunk on a hot market like, “It’s all about me. I put it on the MLS and it magically sold itself.”

A big differentiator in the preeminent agent is by educating the consumer right because the preeminent agent knows the Law of Supply and Demand that we all learned around 6th or 7th grade that kids learn in the 2nd grade probably, which is demand is the biggest thing that drives price. There are a lot of sellers that don’t even know how much money they are losing.

They are like, “My house sold anyway. My agent that’s a friend of mine is a part-time agent. I can hire anybody because anyhow it sells.” That’s the part that is missing that they never know how much they could have optimized and maximized their return on their investment if they would have hired someone that had a high skillset. The system is in place. Did you have someone doing your staging, videography, and all that?

I have all of that. I have a whole team.

On day one in real estate?

No, I was doing all my staging. I’m to a point where I have a stager who comes in and does everything. I have all my supplies to keep costs down for my seller. I bought them over the last few years. I incur all the costs. A lot of agents will charge the sellers or somehow get reimbursement but I do everything in-house. I have all the materials and everything to stage properties.

It’s the ultimate real estate machine.

That’s the thing. I had someone reach out and they were going to interview a couple of agents. They knew one and they are like, “I don’t know if we should have you.” It’s like, “You are doing yourself a disservice. If you don’t interview at least three people and know who’s providing the most value, you are selling your house, your biggest asset, who’s going to get you the most? It does matter.”

UREM 7 | Real Estate Superstar

Real Estate Superstar: If we don’t put your house in the best light with the best photos, videos, and everything, you’re not going to get the most out of it.


I always tell people, “There’s a whole art to this negotiation.” When I say art, it’s staging and that’s a huge part of it. “If we don’t put your house in the best light with the best photos, videos, and everything, you are not going to get the most and the best foot traffic in your house. If you don’t have someone that has knowledge and experience, knows how to negotiate and get to the best terms, then you are not going to get the most.”

It’s marketing the right marketing. The heavy lifting should be 80% on the front side. Factually, proven studies show that a professionally staged home gets more and is sold faster than a home that is not professional photos or not taking them with your iPhone. You are taking them yourself as a mistake. My partner and I made it into our business but what we caught early on is, “We went out and invested in this camera.”

It was a lot of money to us at the time like $800 or so, and then we’ve got the darn thing started taking pictures with it. We need a wide-angle lens, which is $3,000. We didn’t even buy the lens. We made the point from that point on. “We are hiring professional photos.” We rose the standards even right at that point that we no longer do crappy photos. It’s amazing. You have seen them in for buyers.

I’m sure you pull a property for your buyers in the MLS and you are like, “I can’t believe these pictures.” You see crazy stuff in the background. One time, I have seen a bra hanging from a bedpost. That’s embarrassing to that seller to me. It’s unacceptable. I appreciate all your time. Before we wrap up, what do your life and business look like soon?

It’s going all the way out. I’m going to keep growing and implementing the strategies. There are 217. I focused on fifteen of them. I’m starting to climb the mountain. I’m not even at the peak yet. I’m excited to see that if I implement the strategies more, how far can I grow? My goal is to be number one. Who doesn’t want to be number one?

I appreciate you and all that you do. This has been a wonderful episode. I can’t wait to have it out there in live.

Thank you. I appreciate you. You have given everyone 110%. Endless student calls that I’ve got so many ideas and different strategies that I never would’ve gotten on my own. One thing I will say to any realtor out there that doesn’t know what to do is you need to get a coach, help, and guidance because if you truly want to grow, you’ve got to take it upon yourself. It’s not just a book. It’s accountability. All the meetings that we do are held accountable and doing what we are supposed to do. I wouldn’t be here without you, Jason.

Read the book because the book will show you. As real estate agents, there are many real estate coaches out there. There’s a difference between a coach, a mentor, and a masterful thinking partner. There are a lot of different levels of that but it’s in the book. It’s in The Four Steps To Greatness and step number four of the differences between all of them, too. Thank you so much, Ms. Angela.

Thank you, Jason.


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About Angela Dowd

UREM 7 | Real Estate SuperstarTreating customers like family is at the foundation of my core principles. I strive to deliver very customized experiences based on your exact specifications and preferences. When buying or selling you are making one of the biggest decisions of your life. You need someone who is focused on your best interests, transparent throughout the process, and will negotiate favorable terms and prices on your behalf. I started my career as a Buyer for one of the world’s largest defense contractors.

It was here where I was professionally trained on negotiations and contracts, giving my clients an edge when buying and selling. Additionally, I have a strong track record in buying, selling, and leasing both residentially and commercially, consistently getting my clients the absolute best possible deal. My goal is to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible, helping you navigate any potential roadblocks or challenges along the way. It would be my pleasure to help guide you throughout your real estate journey and deliver the highest quality of representation and service.


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