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Becoming number one in a field takes a lot of hard work, patience and the mindset for success. Preeminence isn’t given, but earned, and we have a success story to tell you how. Jason Williford talks to real estate agent and investor Tiffany Novitsky as they look at building your brand. Tiffany shares what she has learned and accomplished in her career so far, and the steps she’s taking to achieve her goals. Tune in for more lessons on becoming the ultimate real estate machine.

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Building A Preeminence Mindset With Tiffany Novitsky

We have a great episode of the show. I have a great friend of mine, Ms. Tiffany Novitsky, based out of the Clearwater, Florida market. She works in Clearwater, Florida. She has been in real estate for a while. She is also on the TV show, Beyond The Close. She is one of the contestants and has been doing a magnificent job of taking action from what she has been learning. We will be getting into some of that in this episode. We will discuss some of the mental breakthroughs that she has been having and the mechanisms that she is putting in her business to make her real estate machine work more for her versus her having to work for it. Ms. Tiffany, without further ado, welcome. How are you doing?

I am good. Thank you.

Could you tell us more about yourself and your business?

I have been in real estate for a couple of years. I’m a licensed realtor here in the Florida area, Tampa Bay. I have been selling a lot of homes, lands, commercials. I have gotten into everything at this point like investment properties.

You are in the luxury market too.

Yes, waterfront luxury. We were based in Clearwater. Around Clearwater, there are beaches up and down the Gulf. We service all of those areas.

Hasn’t Clearwater Beach been rated as one of the top beaches in America, if not the top?

Year-after-year, Clearwater Beach is the number one beach, for sure.

What is it like selling luxury homes and condos on the beach?

You forget that you are working here and how nice it is. Sometimes I am driving around and I look sideways, seeing the ocean. I go, “This is where I live. We are pretty lucky.”

I live right on the water here in Miami Beach. It is such a blessing and sometimes I have to check myself to not take that for granted. It has always been a dream of mine to live on the water and I get to. It sounds like you feel the same way. Sometimes you are like, “It has been a while since I have been to the beach and enjoyed where I live.” Clearwater and Miami are two of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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I grew up in LA and we did go to Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach once in a while but it was a drive. Living here, you see the water from the street when you are driving to work in the morning. You are so much closer.

I was in LA with Jay Abraham. He is in a very nice area. His office is right off of a runway in Torrance, California. I have been to those beaches and it is nice in California. I love the topography there, but as far as the beauty of the water, the beauty of the sand, the warmth of the water and the color of the water, I do prefer Florida.

As a kid jumping in the cold Pacific Ocean, it was not a problem.

California is beautiful as well. We rented a Lamborghini one time and went up the Pacific Coast Highway, around that area. It was a miracle moment and cool. I wanted to get into more about your business. You are competing on Beyond The Close, the TV show with Kevin Harrington, myself and other contestants. There is still some time left in the contest. What are some breakthroughs that you have been having? You have been doing it while pregnant the whole time. Congratulations. You just gave birth.

I am so happy that that’s done and over with. It has been a good and growing experience for me to go through the process of building a business. I have been working with my mother-in-law and building her business over the past several years. For the first time, it is like, “What about branching out and creating your own brand and name for yourself?” I do have had my clients for several years but I have never done whole marketing, branding and creating that business structure for myself. It has been a big growing process for me in that regard.

This season, you are representing the whole Tampa area, which is cool when you think about it. I have seen some of your social media posts. Does your community think it is pretty cool that you are on the show?

A lot of my clients and friends are constantly surprised and shocked. There was another mom where my kids go to school. She commented on one of my posts. She goes, “You are amazing. You are such an awesome businesswoman. You are so driven, plus you have a family. You are having another baby.” She listed all these things out. I was like, “I do have a lot going on. It is true.”

UREM 11 | Preeminence

Preeminence: Having the knowledge to be able to do something gives you the confidence to drive forward, to do more, and to succeed more.


That is what the show is about, inspiration, impact and preeminence. That is flat-out inspirational to me. I don’t think I could probably do it like being in the middle of a contest and being pregnant during the time, having a baby, delivering a baby, and still plugging through. Also, more than anything, still taking care of number one, which is your family. How do you juggle all of that?

With the baby, that is a priority. I got to keep in the basics on that. I have been able to do a lot of outgoing communication and promotion to build up the next few weeks because that’s what we have left. I am focusing on getting the future set up while I am handling the first.

You read The Ultimate Real Estate Machine. This is what the show is about. It is about going deep inside of the ultimate real estate machine. You are working on your machine. What would you say are some of your key takeaways from the book?

There are some good marketing and referral strategies that I have picked up specifically. Asking for referrals is one of the main things. People are afraid to ask or you are always backed off from asking for help. That is a similar thing to not wanting to ask, but if you do not ask, you do not get. I am building that into everyday life and interaction with people. That seems to be the biggest change and the one thing that has created the most effective momentum or building up more future.

What about from the first moment that you started reading the book to going into Chapter Four which is The Preeminent Agent? Since you started digging into preeminence more, has that become more embedded and internalized in you as far as the lifetime client goes?

I have always had a very preeminent care factor and a good high-level concierge-type service for my clients. That has always been my mentality. From the book and pushing those points, it helps you in terms of naming what those steps and things are that you can do. It is a bit more organized and processed in terms of that, instead of this idea of being preeminent. It is a bit more like, “How do you do it? What do you do?”

I knew before I asked you the question that you were preeminent. You do not sell as many homes as you do in beachfront luxury property by not being preeminent. It sounds like it has taken your game to a whole other level in preeminence. Preeminence has no finish line to it. You are always working to get better. What have you been doing to make your business even more preeminent?

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It’s definitely a mindset shift. My viewpoint of myself has changed, what I am capable of and how I communicate with people have changed.

Has it given you more confidence?

Knowledge is power. Having the knowledge to be able to do something gives you the confidence and enough power to drive forward, to do more and succeed more.

It gives you certainty. Certainty leads to confidence. Being the trusted advisor and advocate for the consumer, how do you do that? It comes simple. How are you the trusted expert simply by educating the consumer? It gets even down to that it is a disservice. That was on one of our accountability calls. Ms. Lisa mentioned, “I have so much help that I can give my community and be the advocate for the community.” That is where the conversation went to. It’s like, “I know I just have to break through that mental roadblock of fear of doing videos and getting myself out there.” She said, “I am preeminent and I would be disserving clients by not doing that because they have to be educated.”

It is one thing to know yourself that you can serve people well and that you can give them the best result, but it is another thing to be able to communicate it to other people in such a way that you are not being arrogant. You want to help them. You have friends, family and other people around you that you know you could do the best job or service to get them a great result, increase their money or investment or give them a home that they are going to be happy with. You can make it smooth, easy and a good transaction that they are going to be excited about and want to do again.

They are not playing the short game or the transactional game. They are playing the lifelong client game. You are going to be co-authoring a book with Kevin Harrington that is ultimately about being the preeminent agent in your market, and how you go above and beyond to protect home sellers and home buyers. It is early on and we have not gotten into the actual crafting of your part of that book. Have you put some thought into what you plan on speaking about within the book? Any stories of how you have helped the client, sellers or buyers and that have helped them out?

I do have a few stories of helping clients out where I do not think that anyone else would have done the same thing, being able to save them a good deal of money or get them a better deal than what they would have gotten otherwise. I have some of those.

Can you tell one about a seller? There are going to be a lot of high-level real estate team leaders and some people on our teams that will read this. There will be independent agents. There will also be agents that are just starting out. It is easy for any of us to get in the mindset of, “Everyone knows all this stuff.” When in reality, they do not know all this stuff. Even the best top producing team leader in the world is a learner. Sometimes it is getting back to the basics as well. Can you tell me a story of one of your times where you have helped out a seller that has exuded your preeminence that sets you apart from being a traditional agent?

UREM 11 | Preeminence

Preeminence: It’s one thing to know it yourself, but it’s another thing to be able to communicate it to other people in such a way that you’re not being arrogant.


I had a friend of mine who came to me after his partner had listed with a friend of hers that was a realtor. He felt like they were not holding up their end of the bargain. They were not doing what they said they were going to do. He wasn’t happy with them so he canceled and came to me. He said, “I would like you to sell my house.” I said, “Okay.” I listed it and did open house after open house. This was a couple of years ago. It wasn’t this market where things are gone in 5 days or 3 days. It was when you had to work to sell a property.

I had many open houses. I did a lot of promotions for his property. I got it within about a month. It was under contract and we got it sold very fast after that. We had a little hiccup. His ex-wife had tried to come in and there was a problem with the title. We had to sort that out. He was very happy with how I dealt with that. I had to be a bit of a mediator and get things organized between all of the different parties so that it would go through and it wasn’t a problem. We got through that and he was very happy with that. We got his home sold pretty fast. He was one of my earlier clients that I dealt with. He was very happy with the service, being in communication, delivering what I promised, and sorting through the messy cycle. That was great.

I already know the answer to this one, but would they use you again?


Part of this show, the TV show and the book is being the preeminent bridge between a real estate agent and a consumer. We are up here to look after both and raise the standards in real estate. There are over 1.6 million real estate agents in the US alone. Every real estate agent is not created equal either.

It’s important for the consumers to know that just because your house flies off in a super low inventory market, what scares me with that for the consumer is how much money they could be losing in the transaction by it being handled by someone that may not have the skills, the experience or the marketing to get sellers what they want the most of which is the most return on their investment. It is their biggest investment so it is not them being greedy. It is them being a miser of their family’s money and wanting the best for their investment. What are your thoughts on that?

There are a lot of multiple offer situations going on in this market. It is important how you handle them for sure. You can lose money. You can lose a deal. You could lose a lot.

Is that happening in your market where some agents will put an offer in that is not even a strong offer? They are wanting to get the home under contract so they can keep looking for homes, and then maybe bail out of the agreement if they find another home?

It does happen.

There are a lot of multiple offer situations going on right now in this market, and it is important how you handle them. You can lose money, you can lose a deal, you could lose a lot. Click To Tweet

I am sure you have the process to protect that. You have been through a lead agent referral mastery, the 217 predictable referral strategies. You’ve been through referral psychology and dug deep into that. What has been one of your favorite referral strategies that have helped your business out almost immediately?

It is the referral language and using that in many ways, thank yous to my clients, asking for reviews and utilizing those. The referral language has been the biggest.

It is simple and easy. Did you kick yourself a little bit like, “I have been in real estate for five years and I haven’t been doing this one simple thing. It is great that I fixed the hole in the boat but how much revenue, how much profit, and how many clients have gone and done business with someone else in the past?” You fixed the bleeding now. What were your thoughts on how much you have potentially lost in the past by not having a system in place or not even asking for referrals?

It is one of those things where you do not want to be that cheesy person that says, “We love your referrals.” All you ever say is, “Thank you for your referrals. We love your referrals.”

The common is, “If you are thinking about buying, selling or investing in real estate or know someone that has been thinking about it, give me a call.” That is what everybody says. It makes you a commodity. There is no differentiation. There is nothing that separates you from everyone else out there. I love that you have found a better way to do that. To other agents that are reading that may be less experienced in the business, what could you recommend to them that could help them out in their business?

Figure out that referral language and get that everywhere. Putting it in one Facebook post, I immediately got a referral. Use it everywhere and with everybody, even in in-person conversations, which I need to improve on that aspect of things even more, but just use it at every opportunity.

Other than referrals, if you could go back to yourself when you first started real estate. Based upon what you know now, what would you go back and give yourself knowledge on to do things differently from the get-go?

Marketing and personal branding.

Would you immediately become a better marketer?


UREM 11 | Preeminence

Preeminence: You need to partner with specific kind of person, someone who’s willing to achieve those same goals and have that same goal as you.


It’s the client acquisition piece or learning how to acquire clients. Is there anything else you would like to add to that?

That is so important. Using technology in figuring out what is the best avenue for getting leads and referrals, creating and building your brand, using your client testimonials, getting those out on every avenue that you can, and putting it all there as a foundation.

What do you see your business looking like in the next five years? Has it changed a little bit since we started all the immersive learning within the TV show?

Yes. Building up a group of people under me is something that has changed from before. I do want to have a team of people under me that I can train and teach a better way to do real estate and to create that preeminent group of realtors. It is like, “That’s the place you want to go if you are going to be doing anything real estate. Those are the guys that will take care of you.”

What are your standards? Have your standards risen? When you and I first started talking a couple of months back, it seems like your standards of what you are looking for and what that looks like to you have changed. Can you tell me more about that?

I honed in more on what does that mean, what kind of person do you want on your team, who can you build into that preeminent agent, and what is the type of structure of a person that you need for that. It is not just any agent from anywhere. You need a specific kind of person or someone willing to achieve those same goals and have that same goal as you.

I am sure someone is reading in the Tampa market and the Clearwater Beach market. If they are interested in hearing more about joining your team, how can they find you?

Lauren Michaels Real Estate Partners is the brokerage. I have my website, TiffanyNovitsky.com. They can reach out to me through the office or my site.

I appreciate you being on this, Tiffany. It is amazing what you do and how you do it. You are a go-getter. Doing what you have done and the time that we have been working together has been amazing. I love you. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Thank you.


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UREM 11 | PreeminenceI started my career young. Spent countless hours studying and building my understanding of production line establishment while earning hands-on experience. I have a passion for building businesses to better service the customers with what they need to expand and grow beyond your expectations.


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